McDonald’s McRib Is BACK Nationwide for the First Time Since 2012

Is the McRib back at McDonald's?

The McRib has been a cult classic ever since its debut in the 1980s. Every October or November for the past few years, the same headlines pop up as the McDonald’s McRib reappears at select locations nationwide.

Is the McRib Back?

Yes! The McRib will be back on December 2, 2020. The announcement was made via the McDonald’s Twitter account, as a response to the feedback from this viral tweet from the McDonald’s social media manager.

Here’s a look at the McRib announcement:

McDonald’s gave folks a rather cryptic answer the last time people pushed for one, saying that the McRib comes back when it feels like it or that it returns “based on consumer demand.” But if that were really the case, the McRib would never leave the menu!

Why Isn’t the McRib a Permanent Menu Item?

The main reason that McDonald’s will never make the McRib a permanent fixture is the excitement of having a limited edition menu item.

It’s kind of like what Taco Bell does with their nacho fries. After a widely successful initial release, customers begged for nacho fries to come back. Now, every time Taco Bell actually does bring the fries back, people can’t stop talking ’em.

As Inc.’s Nicole Carter puts it, “While McDonald’s playing hard-to-get with the McRib certainly baffles most customers, from a business perspective, it has proven to be a wildly effective marketing strategy. The McRib’s marketing strategy bundles the appeal of exclusivity, scarcity and seasonality into one savory package.

For us, that means the McRib will always be disappearing and then coming back at random. If the McRib isn’t on the menu, we recommend making a real pork rib sandwich at home.

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