McDonald’s Just Brought Back a Fan Favorite—the Twix McFlurry!

The Twix McFlurry is hands-down one of McDonald's tastiest creations. But only certain lucky ducks will be able to get this limited-time frozen treat.

McDonald’s lovers are without a doubt McFlurry lovers. We’ve seen some great flavors over the years, like Oreo and M&M’s, and they’ve even tested out some wackier ideas in the past. Our favorite, though, is by far the Twix McFlurry. With crunchy mouthfuls of cookie, chocolate and a decadent caramel drizzle, what’s not to love?

McDonald’s is bringing back this flavorful favorite—but there’s a catch.

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The Twix McFlurry is back for a limited time, but only in the UK. Why? McDonald’s first introduced the flavor across the pond; America didn’t get to try that tasty frozen treat until 2015. Even then, the Twix McFlurry didn’t last long. It’s now making its big comeback and should be available in stores right now.

If you’re living in the UK, get to a McDonald’s quick! Rumor has it the special McFlurry could leave menus as early as March 19.

There’s no word yet on when the flavor will be available in the ol’ US of A again, but we’re pretty confident it’ll be back on menus soon. Keep an eye out.

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McFlurry’s Swirled History

Although there was an earlier version of the chain (starting as a barbecue place…who knew?), the first official McDonald’s was founded in 1955. It took the brand a whole 40 years to release the first McFlurry—but only in Canada. Americans didn’t get a taste until three years later, in 1998.

There’s no clear evidence as to what the first McFlurry flavor was, but the original set of flavors included Oreo, Heath, Nestle Crunch, M&M’s and Butterfinger. You can still find Oreo and M&M’s in stores, but we’ve still got our hearts set on that Twix caramel-and-cookie goodness. Time will tell how long we’ll have to wait.

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