Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes Are Here, Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Is this better than a pot of gold? Yep.

Hostess has really been on a roll lately. Do you remember the frenzy for Mint Chocolate Twinkies? Well, that snack was a li-mint-ed edition, but now you can find Mint Chocolate Hostess Cupcakes. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

What’s in the Mint Chocolate Cupcakes?

This is a classic Hostess chocolate cupcake. But instead of the traditional Hostess icing, these holiday specials come topped with pale mint green frosting and the signature white curlicue. They’re also filled with minty green cream. Just take a bite and you’ll see!

Instagram account @thetastyturtle broke the news on these St. Paddy’s cupcakes, and we’re green with envy. This savvy shopper also found another limited edition flavor coming our way, Strawberry Creme.

If you want to bake up some mint chocolate magic in your own kitchen, check out the recipe for Nana’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Mint Frosting.

Where Can I Find a Package?

Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcakes are out nationwide, and they’ll be available while supplies last. If you’re on the hunt, start with Walmart—they’ve already got them listed on their website. Each box will cost you around $3 at Walmart and around $3.30 on average at other retailers, which is a bargain for all the minty chocolate goodness you’ll get.

With Hostess setting a delicious precedent with Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes for fall and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, we’re eagerly awaiting whatever the brand comes up with next!

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