I Tried Misfits Market—And It Changed the Way I Shop

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I even saved money buying organic fruits and veggies.

Misfit Market BoxBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

I spend boatloads of time and cash each week shopping for healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables for my seven-person family. Overspending on organic fruit and veggies is one of my worst produce mistakes because it tends to spoil before it gets eaten thanks to finicky taste buds and busy schedules. When I discovered that organic produce boxes could be mailed directly to my door—and at a discounted price—I knew I had to give the concept a try.

Misfits Market operates just like any other food delivery subscription box, except instead of curated, ready-to-cook meal ingredients you get quirky-looking produce that often doesn’t sell in typical grocery stores. They’re the “misfits” of the produce section, if you will. With this adorable and food waste reducing concept in mind, I had to see for myself if it really stacked up to the hype. Here’s my Misfits Market review.

What Is Misfits Market?

food inside a Misfit Market BoxBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

Misfits Market is a produce subscription box devoted to ethical, sustainable foods with the added convenience of fast, direct-to-your-door shipping. It’s convenient to use and promises up to 40% off typical supermarket prices on mostly organic and non-GMO produce that would otherwise go to waste because, well, it’s a little rougher around the edges compared to GMO fruits and veggies. The produce is in excellent shape, though. It’s not the almost-spoiled stuff you imagine at 40% off retail—it’s just slightly imperfect in terms of visual characteristics that really don’t matter one bit once you bite in.

My Misfits Market review uncovered that just about everything the service sends is perfectly ripe, crisp and ready-to-eat, but may have slight color or size inconsistencies that even the best grocery stores have trouble selling.

One of the most appealing parts of Misfits Market is that customers can choose the frequency of their orders and the types of produce they want in their box. Make note of foods you hate, what you’re allergic to and even seasonal favorites you prefer and Misfits Market will keep your refrigerator—and produce keepers—stocked for days.

How We Tested It

blackberries from a misfit market boxBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

The most important part of my Misfits Market review was the eating, obviously. My family and I ate our way through fresh melon, bell peppers, a variety of salad greens and even the best organic blackberries I’ve ever tasted. For context, I have a bounty of blackberry bushes in my yard that I wait for the sun to ripen each year so I can store them in my best glass storage containers for daily grazing — and the Misfits Market berries were somehow better.

I also received plump sweet potatoes that I immediately placed in my potato storage containers. When I finally got around to using them over a week later, the sweet potatoes were the richest shade of deep orange I’d seen in a long time. Better yet, they were naturally sweet, so I skipped the honey I normally add to my mashed sweet potato casserole recipe.

After receiving several Misfits Market orders, it was clear that each package was curated with love and care. That was especially important to me because produce is fragile, and the idea of shipping it in a box made me nervous. While Misfits Market claims their fruits and vegetables may be imperfect, I respectfully challenge that thesis with this: the produce is totally perfect in its own quirky and delicious way.

Misfits Market Product Features

The most exciting part of my Misfits Market review was exploring the brand’s time-saving website. Instead of driving to the local store, which can turn into a two-hour long roundtrip affair, I shopped for fruit, vegetables and snacks on my wishlist in my pajamas. All I had to decide was a delivery day and window, and then bam! Healthy eats appeared on my doorstep without having to spend precious free time perusing the grocery store.


What I liked about Misfits Market:

  • Fresh, perfectly-ripe produce delivered directly to my door
  • Up to 40% off supermarket prices
  • Mostly organic and non-GMO foods
  • Wide variety of items from berries to apples, potatoes to pumpkins and scallions to kale
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Orders of $30 or more ship fast and free
  • Easy online ordering interface that’s fun to use
  • Saves time and money on weekly grocery shopping


What to consider about Misfits Market:

  • It takes a few days to fulfill each order and have it arrive at your doorstep, so if you have immediate recipe needs, Misfits Market may not be your best bet
  • Misfits Market’s packing team chooses your produce, so there’s no control over the size of produce you receive


food inside a Misfit Market BoxBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

Where does Misfits Market get their produce and why is it so cheap?

According to the brand’s website, they “Get direct access to the good stuff that you’d typically pay a premium for elsewhere because it’s excess supply, sometimes looks a little different, or is cheaper because we cut out the middleman. For produce, that means fruits and veggies that are too big, too small, or just sort of funny-looking. Oftentimes, though, it’s produce that’s simply considered surplus.”

How long does it take for Misfits Market orders to arrive?

Typically one to two days.

When do item preferences take effect after they’re selected?

If you note that you can’t stand kale, these preferences will take effect during your next shopping window. You can also update your preferences at any time.

Are there other things worth ordering from Misfits Market?

If you’re a fan of wine, Misfits Market even offers sustainably-produced, organic wines for customers over the age of 21.

Can you pause or cancel your subscription?

Yes, customers can cancel their subscription at any time. It’s also easy to adjust the amount of shipments and frequency, so you can use Misfits Market on your own schedule.

What if I don’t meet the $30 order minimum for free shipping?

Don’t worry! Misfits Market charges a flat $5.50 for orders that don’t meet the minimum for free shipping.

Final Verdict

Here’s my final Misfits Market review: It not only simplified my shopping, it dramatically cut down on my grocery planning time and left me much happier than I could’ve imagined. For anyone who feels like organic produce is pricey and out of reach, I recommend giving this produce subscription box a try.

It’s especially useful for busy types without time to spare for careful grocery shopping. I saved hours each week not having to drive to and from my local supermarket and farmers market stands, as well as plenty of cash on the fuel to get there and overpriced produce in general. I’ll continue to order Misfit Market’s organic salad greens and fresh veggies to drizzle my favorite Graza olive oil over for the rest of summer.

Where to Buy Misfits Market

You can build your own box of mouth-watering produce on the Misfits Market website, where prices are up to 40% off retail. Orders can be made 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and they arrive directly at your door within a day or two. Plus, shipping is free on all orders of $30 or more, so you’ll want to stock up on all the goodies of your choosing to score the deal.

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