M&M’s JUST Revealed a New Flavor, and We Can’t Wait for the Holiday Season!

Each M&M is the perfect combo of chocolate and pretzel.

M&M’s have been a candy staple since the 1940s (and might even be the most popular candy from when you were a kid). The bite-size candy is still going as strong as ever today. With dozens of limited-edition flavors throughout the years, we’re always waiting for the next best M&M’s to munch on!

Lucky for us, there’s a brand-new flavor of M&M’s coming later this year that we honestly can’t wait for: M&M’s White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs.

It’s Snow Perfect for the Holidays

There’s no better combo than chocolate and pretzels. It’s no wonder that so many different recipes include both ingredients, like the classic Chocolate Pretzel Rings or the M&M’s Pretzel Cookies. They’re even better during the holidays! I’ll usually sneak in a few mint M&M’s for good measure.

But the latest M&M’s creation could be their most astounding yet, and it has all the chocolate and pretzels you’ll ever need. The M&M’s White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs might be the perfect combo of salty and sweet. The new M&M’s will be similar to the bestselling Pretzel M&M’s—except with a white chocolate shell instead of milk chocolate. You know…like a snowball?

Then, a delicious pretzel-filled center awaits in each individual candy, and know I won’t be able to stop after just one bag!

When Can I Get a Bag?

This marvelous new flavor dropped in September 2021 and is available now at Walmart! But it’s a limited-edition holiday flavor, so don’t be surprised if it sells out soon. You can grab a 1.14 ounce Single bag, a 2.83 ounce Share Size bag and a 7.44 ounce Laydown Bag. Better scoop ’em up as soon as you can because who knows how long they’ll be on the shelves!

Missing last year’s holiday flavors? You can still grab the sugar cookie M&M’s!

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