Moist Carrot Cake

Moist Carrot Cake

With one sweet bite of Geri Frahm’s Best Carrot Cake, you’ll be on cloud nine. Not only is this cake moist and scrumptious; the icing is truly to die for. There’s only one problem: Just one slice of the cake has 32 grams of fat.

That was definitely a problem for Geri, so she asked us to lighten it for her. “It’s very good, but not good for us! Can you make it over for a healthier recipe?” she asks from Gretna, Nebraska.

No problem, Geri! Most of the cake’s wonderful moistness comes from the cup and a half of oil in the batter. But that’s also where the fat comes from. The makeover team decided they could keep the moisture and lose some of the fat by replacing 1 cup of oil with unsweetened applesauce. It did the trick and was the first step in making this cake a keeper.

They focused on cutting back the walnuts next. By chopping them smaller and sprinkling some over the top of the cake, they were able to keep the same walnut taste, despite having only half as much as the original.

The most difficult part of the makeover was the frosting. While fluffy and sweet, it was the main source of fat and calories. The team wanted to meet the high standards of the original while significantly lowering the unhealthy aspects. They tried several versions and finally found what they were looking for by using a combination of reduced-fat and full-fat cream cheeses.

These steps resulted in the oh-so-decadent Makeover Moist Carrot Cake. An amazing 215 calories and 17 grams—more than half—of the fat have been removed from each slice. But don’t worry—each slice is so wonderful, you’re not missing a thing!

The 2 cups of shredded carrots in the Makeover Moist Carrot Cake provide over 10 percent of our daily needs for vitamin A.

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