How to Plant a Moon Garden for a Dazzling Midnight Display

It's easy to plant an out-of-this-world moon garden. Here's what to do!

If you’re a gardener with a green thumb, chances are you have thriving plants all over the yard. And while brightly-colored flowers are certainly the norm for gardening, moon gardens switch up that color palette entirely. This trend emphasizes pale blooms and silver foliage to create a space that’s perfect for evening entertaining.

Read on for the details you need to plant a moon garden in your own backyard.

What Is a Moon Garden?

It’s a garden that’s planted to be enjoyed under the light of the moon. It’s also meant to attract all kinds of night pollinators. To plant a dazzling moon garden, look for plants with bright white or pale blossoms that open up at night to release a delightful fragrance. The greenery in a moon garden typically includes plants with shapes or textures that capture light. Together, the color, fragrance and textures create a magical view at night.

How to Plant a Moon Garden

You can plan to install this garden in any outdoor space. Use your whole backyard, a portion of the yard or a space on a patio or balcony. Having a container garden is a great way to start! Of course, you’ll want to choose a space where the moonlight hits. Use a variety of pale, white flowers and plants to create your moon garden in any layout or design you desire.

The Best Plants for a Moon Garden

To create a spectacular moon garden, look for plants with light or silver foliage. Dusty miller, silver sage and lamb’s ear are all great options. You’ll also want fragrant, night-blooming flowers, like this gorgeous moonflower vine. You can incorporate other flowers like gardenia, nicotiana, evening primrose, jasmine and hydrangeas, all in beautiful stark white.

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