This Is the Most Popular Burger Topping in America

Can we get fries with that?

It’s finally grilling season. And that means Americans all across the country will be firing up the flames to cook a perfectly juicy burger.

In honor of this sacred season (and National Burger Day on May 28) our favorite food delivery service, Grubhub, put together a list of regional burger trends based on their order data. They took a look at the U.S.’ top toppings, cheese preferences and even the most popular veggie burgers.

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America’s Best Burger Toppings

Maybe you like your burgers plain. Or maybe you want all the fixin’s. But according to Grubhub, most Americans want pickles atop their patty. Following the salty slices in popularity are tomatoes, lettuce, onions and bacon.

And if you’re a condiment lover, hold on to your squeeze bottle, because mayo came in first—followed by ketchup and mustard.

We were shocked mayo took the top spot! Here are more fun ways to use the condiment.

Crazy for Cheese

For all you dairy lovers, Grubhub found the most popular cheese choices, too. American cheese was No. 1, followed by cheddar, Swiss, provolone and Pepper Jack. (Psst! If you like cheeseburgers, you’ll love these inspired recipes.)

A Very Veggie Nation 

Grubhub also noted a new trend in burger orders: meat alternatives are on the rise. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly patties are gaining more traction on menus across the country, thanks in part to revolutionary new products like the Impossible Burger. (Get the full scoop on this meat-free patty here).

These are the top two veggie-ful picks, by region:

Midwest: Black bean burger + quinoa burger

South: Vegan burger + qlack bean burger

Northeast: Veggie burger + Impossible Burger

West:  Tofu burger + Impossible Burger

Next, see what Grubhub had to say about another American classic: pie!

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