Netflix Is Testing a Brand-New Shuffle Feature That Will Help You Decide What to Watch

Done with The Great British Baking Show? Let Netflix decide what show to watch next.

It’s no secret how much we love Netflix, especially with the year we’ve had. It’s definitely brought us back from the brink of insanity a few times over the quarantine. Maybe even more than a few times. There’s nothing quite like grabbing a bowl of homemade popcorn after a long day, changing into some super-comfy sweats and relaxing on the couch while browsing their extensive collection of shows. (It definitely helps if you know the secret Netflix codes, too.)

Find the remote—because it’s time for some show shufflin’!

What Is Netflix’s New Shuffle Feature?

Picture this: You’ve just finished season 3 of Stranger Things. You’re excited because it was so amazing and bummed because it’s all over. Now you’re in the mood for some new science fiction horror flick, but when left at the hands of Netflix’s incredibly large media library, you find it difficult to navigate. You know your new favorite show is lurking somewhere, but reading all those titles and summaries just overwhelms you.

Well, what if Netflix had a way of deciding for you? Recently, a new “Play Something” shuffle option has appeared on Netflix’s side menus…and it has us thoroughly intrigued.

How Does It Work?

Pressing this button will give Netflix the option to play something it thinks you’ll like, based on an algorithm akin to your “Because You Watched” list. So, for example, if you have watched a good amount of The Great British Baking Show, it might start playing Chef’s Table, a food documentary targeted at your obvious interest in food shows. It gives you what you like without the time and effort of cycling through hundreds and hundreds of options!

Who knows…shuffle may just present you with your next binge-worthy gem!

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