People Are Freaking Out Over Le Creuset’s New Clover-Shaped Dutch Oven

Cooking corned beef and cabbage this St. Patrick's Day just got SO much cuter.

Courtsey of Le Cruset

As if a lavender or Disney-themed Dutch oven wasn’t enough of a draw, Le Creuset has released another beautiful item to their collection. The Clover Cocotte is the newly released Le Creuset Dutch oven, and we are completely enamored.

The charming clover-shaped dish is 12 inches in diameter and holds up to 2-1/4 quarts. It is, in fact, made from cast iron, but thanks to the enameled exterior, it doesn’t need to be seasoned before use. Oh, and it’s completely dishwasher safe.

This new Dutch oven is priced at $225, which may seem steep. However, this is a typical price for a Le Creuset product, given that their Dutch ovens range in price, from $130 to $350. Plus, if you shop on their website, you can get free shipping on any order above $99.

Le Creuset’s website points out that this “cheerful shape” is “just right for springtime.” In particular, this cute cocotte will make cooking St. Patrick’s Day dishes like this Corned Beef and Cabbage even more festive.

Given that Le Creuset has released quite a few Dutch oven colors and designs since the beginning of the year (including a heart-shaped Dutch oven for Valentine’s Day), should we expect to see more of these cleverly shaped products as spring really approaches? We can only hope!

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