Doritos Just Revealed a New Strawberries and Cream Flavor

This new Doritos flavor is a berry, berry odd idea.

Doritos, your crazy flavors make snacking so much fun. But it turns out tangy pickle and Mountain Dew-flavored chips were only the beginning. Now it’s time to think far, far outside the chip bag and mix the beloved salty snack with a sweet addition. Is that crazy? Not according to a recent Instagram post from Doritos that showed a photo of Strawberries and Cream Doritos.

Why Strawberries and Cream?

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Yes, the Instagram post from Doritos UK shows a Doritos bag of strawberries and cream-flavored chips. The caption brags, “Strawberries & Cream Doritos, you didn’t ask for them, but you’ll definitely want to try them.” This specific concept horrified some people. “More like strawberries and crime,” wrote one commenter.

But others saw a connection with an upcoming sporting event. “These sound (too) good to be true,” wrote one Instagram user. “A Wimbledon collab maybe?”

Wimbledon, of course, is the tennis championship held in London, which runs this year from June 28 to July 11, 2021. And strawberries and cream has long been the tournament’s most famous dessert.

It wouldn’t be that surprising if the UK branch of Doritos created a strawberries and cream chip (“crisp,” to the Brits) for a Wimbledon tie-in, but this seems far-out even for them.

Is the New Doritos Flavor Real?

It isn’t about Wimbledon, as it turns out—though the flavor is related to an event! Doritos UK confirmed that the Instagram post was released to tease their upcoming partnership with the UK music festival Strawberries & Creem. While they didn’t confirm whether the flavor will actually be released, it doesn’t seem likely.

Even if it does, we don’t expect to see the chips in the States. Much like the McDonald’s Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie remains exclusive to Malaysia, we’d assume that this flavor would stay on the other side of the pond. If it does reach store shelves, hit up your far-flung UK friends to send a care package!

While you wait to see if the new strawberries and cream Doritos ever become a real thing, soothe your sweet tooth with our best-loved strawberry desserts, or these dreamy strawberries and cream recipes.

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