Everyone’s Favorite Classic Cookbook Is About to Release a New Edition

If you grew up paging through Joy of Cooking, prepare yourself for the cookbook's first update in 13 years.

With over 18 million copies sold, Joy of Cooking is often considered the most popular cookbook in America. (It’s the book that Julia Child credits with her start in the kitchen!) When Irma S. Rombauer published the book in 1931, she had no idea it would skyrocket to fame and stay in print until, well, forever. It’s a common title to see nestled among the latest cookbooks, even in modern kitchens.

Joy of Cooking is filled with homemade, family dinners, desserts and other dishes that stays current through semi-regular updates. Since 1931, there have been eight editions—and lucky for us, a new one will be unveiled on November 12.

What will this new Joy of Cooking be like?

This ninth edition marks the first update in 13 years! Since 2006, Rombauer’s descendants have added over 600 new dishes to try, with a focus on international, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. There will be hot-smoked salmon, Thai-style wings, kimchi mac and cheese, miso ramen and lamb shawarma.

It might seem ultra-modern, but it’s part of Joy of Cooking’s tradition to keep its cookbooks current. There’s also an emphasis on American classics, like buckeyes, gooey butter cake and Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Too excited to wait for the book? See our favorite classic American recipes here.

What makes it better than other cookbooks?

Generations of readers have loved Joy of Cooking for its clear recipes and directions, making it an approachable text for even an amateur cook. The 2019 edition expands on this by including information about food history and science. This new book won’t just be a collection of recipes—it also makes for fascinating reading.

We asked our readers what they liked most about Joy of Cooking. For some, it was the helpful explanation of basic techniques. For others, the tips on selecting the best ingredients. But most liked the way it taught them how to make a staple recipe, like curry or cheesecake.

Where can I find the new Joy of Cooking?

You can pre-order the latest Joy of Cooking edition on Amazon. It should also be available as an e-book, which means every recipe will soon be only a swipe away.

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