Product Spotlight: Amazon’s Favorite Oil Spray Bottle

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An oil spray bottle can enhance your healthy cooking game and add mouth-watering crispiness to your favorite dishes. This one is Amazon's favorite.

The internet is clamoring for this easy-to-use oil spray bottle that makes dishes from the oven crisper than ever and salads healthier without lacking a drop of flavor. Gone are the days of forcing droplets from an oil shaker or drizzling too much oil on your food. This affordable device enhances all the wonderful uses for olive oil with a gentle misting function that will instantly change the way you cook (and eat).

What is an oil spray bottle?

Oil spray bottle misters are some of the most sought-after prep tools from Amazon. That’s because they’re lightweight, simple devices that store olive oil in a convenient way and keep the oil of your choice ready for spritzing at any time. Instead of uneven drizzles across your veggies, meats, fish and other favorites, you can mist your favorite oil in a balanced, even way. It can even save you serious cash if you’re committed to using real olive oil because excess pours and drizzles can really start to add up.

How to Use an Oil Spray Bottle

Olive oil spray bottles are among the most popular kitchen gadgets on Amazon because they’re so easy to use. This portable, compact model is encased in stainless steel and offers a large press button that makes using just the right amount of oil a cinch. It also has an interior nozzle that’s hidden beneath a thoughtful cap to keep dust, germs and kitchen grime out. And since it’s transparent, you can easily see when it needs refilling.

While the most popular use for this oil spray bottle is definitely for cooking oils, reviewers rave about using it with specialty vinegars, lemon juice, soy sauce and other flavor-enhancing liquids. One reviewer even noted that she uses this bottle behind her home bar to lightly impart citrus flavors on the tops of homemade cocktails and around the rims of her margarita glasses. It offers dozens of clever uses, and they’re all easy to access thanks to the included small funnel that makes filling and refilling the canister a breeze.

“You can put any liquid oil you like in it,” explains James Schend, Deputy Culinary Editor at Taste of Home. “I like to put a rosemary-flavored oil in it and spritz it over salad or other dishes for a quick pop of flavor. And if you have an air fryer, an oil mister is a must! Most manufacturers say in their instructions to not use canned oil sprays but to use these kinds of misters instead.”

The Best Amazon User Reviews

“This is the greatest tool,” writes Debbie, a verified Amazon purchaser. “I love olive oil but I know I can’t get crazy with it so what do I do? A friend told me about this oil spray bottle and I said I need that. I easily added olive oil to the glass bottle with the handy dandy funnel that was included. I sprayed my oil onto [the] pan before cooking my steaks and sprayed a little on my asparagus too. The bottle is sheer as you can see in the photos, so I know what’s in it. Cleaning this was as easy as cleaning any bottle. I have a bottle washer tool. I hope my family doesn’t see this but I already know what I’m buying them for Christmas this year.”

Gina Canning, another verified Amazon purchaser says, “I’ve tried a few other oil sprayers, but it would come out in a stream and not a mist. This one comes out in a mist just like I wanted. You have to press hard on the button for the mist, and press softly for a stream. It works great and is just what I was looking for!”

Where to Buy It

Olive Oil Spray Bottlevia

This bestselling Amazon oil spray bottle comes with over 6,000 user ratings and an impressive 4.4-star average. The best part? It’s under $15, and as reviewers noted, you may make that money back in the amount of extra virgin olive oil you save from using it in the first few weeks.

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