This Is How the Property Brothers Really Feel About Open Shelving in Kitchens

The Scott brothers have strong opinions about the open shelving kitchen trend—here's why they're against it.

It’s hard not to pay attention to the number of kitchen remodels that show up as you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. Trends such as long kitchen islands with quartz countertops, beautiful smart appliances and stunning backsplashes are certainly making a statement. Another kitchen design idea that’s been going strong? The open shelving kitchen trend.

Open shelving has been the perfect solution for many kitchens, especially for homeowners that want to display gorgeous serving dishes or a vintage Pyrex collection. But the Property Brothers say you may want to reconsider.

Why People Love Open Shelves

Walking into a kitchen with open shelving definitely has its appeal. If you have neat and tidy stacks of dishes, there’s no reason they need to be hidden behind a cabinet door. Depending on what you have in your kitchen, open shelves may make for a more flexible storage solution.

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But the Scott Brothers Hate This Trend

What do Drew and Jonathan Scott have agains open shelving? It comes down to convenience and efficiency. Sure, the trend makes for a beautiful space, but does it make sense and work with the way you use your kitchen? Chances are, probably not.

Jonathan Scott told Apartment Therapy that it’s important to have upper cabinets, unless you have plenty of other storage nearby in a pantry. He explained that people often regret making the choice to go with open shelving after realizing it makes things more difficult in the kitchen. “Home should make life easier,” he said. “If you take the emotion out of it and think ‘What would help me save five minutes,’ that’s how you get it.”

Choosing open shelving certainly gives the opportunity to display your beautiful Le Creuset, but it also takes away cabinet space. If you have items that you don’t want on display, you’ll likely end up having to find a new place to put them. And often, that spot may be out of the kitchen, making cooking far less efficient.

Molly Allen
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