Orange Vanilla Creme M&M’s Are BACK at Dollar General, and We Got to Try ‘Em

If you loved Creamsicles as a child, you'll be head-over-heels for Orange Vanilla Cream M&M's.

If the thought of eating a Creamsicle fills you with nostalgia for those hot summer days of childhood, you’ll be ecstatic about this returning M&M’s flavor. The candy is called “Orange Vanilla Cream,” and the packaging has some enticing Creamsicle imagery, too.

And if you love Creamsicles but aren’t sure how the flavor would mix with chocolate, don’t fret. These treats are filled with white chocolate, which perfectly complements the orange flavoring. And—we know you’ve been wondering—they taste exactly like that creamy, dreamy treat of our childhood. The candies work well on their own, but they’d also be a great addition to this white chocolate snack mix.

Want to Try Them Yourself?

Last time, the Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s were only available at Dollar General, and it’s looking like that may be the only place to get your hands on them this time around, too. So if you don’t live near an outpost of the discount retailer, snagging a bag of these M&M’s will be a bit trickier.

Faithful foodie @CandyHunting on Instagram shared a snap of the shareable pack, and fans went bananas. We can’t blame them, either—this is Orange Vanilla Cream’s first in-store debut since 2018.

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If you’re not near a Dollar General, well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. They’re not on DG’s website yet, but some of the limited-edition Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s have already popped up on M&M’s official site for $3.99. That means you could get the sweet treats delivered straight to your door. (Psst: While you wait for the mail to come, treat yourself to our Marbled Orange Fudge, another Creamsicle taste-alike.)

They may not stick around for long, and we’re not sure when they’ll be coming back once they disappear again. Just to be safe, if Creamsicle-inspired treats are your thing, pick up a bag before the limited-edition candies are gone for good.

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