Oreo Created the Perfect Halloween Cookie Kit for Your Little Monsters

Oreo's new Halloween cookie decorating kit combines crafts and snacks for monstrous fun.

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit? You can make easy Halloween decorations to spook-ify the house or whip up a batch of scary snacks. The decorations and treats both make Halloween fun and exciting, and now Oreo has a way for us to enjoy both things at once. With Oreo’s new Monster Decorating Cookie Kit, you’ll be able to make something spooky and delicious.

It’s just like decorating a gingerbread man, only it’s Halloween-themed!

What’s in the cookie decorating kit?

Oreos are definitely the star of this kit. In each kit, you’ll receive eight Oreo cookies plus eight chocolate cookies for the bodies of your mummies, ghosts and skeletons. The kit is also packed with icing and fruity candy to make each monster.

It’s Halloween, so treat yourself! Everything is already pre-baked, so all you need to do is assemble your cookies. This would definitely be a fun thing to get kids involved with.

Oreo has other Halloween treats, but we’re excited to get crafty with the decorating kits.

Where can I get a kit?

The Oreo Monster Decorating Cookie Kit is listed on Amazon, but it’s currently unavailable. Keep checking back to see if it’s in stock, though; there’s still plenty of time before Halloween. The kit has also been spotted at Kroger by @junkfoodmom. This looks like it’s going to be a popular product this season, so grab a kit or two if you spot them in stores!

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