Oreo Is Launching Marshmallow Moon Cookies

The famous sandwich cookie brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with a tasty tribute!

Ground Control to Major Tom: Oreo has an exciting new flavor launch scheduled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo moon landing.

Introducing Marshmallow Moon Cookies.

The limited-edition Oreos will be filled with purple marshmallow creme. And the cookies will be stamped with three custom designs: a crescent moon and stars, a space shuttle flying by planets and an astronaut standing by a flag—much like the one planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Oreo lovers!

These cookies would be perfect for a star-gazing party. Here’s how to plan one.

Marshmallow Moon Oreos packageCourtesy Nabisco

Say hello to special packaging!

If the fun design isn’t enough to send you sprinting to the store, the Oreo Marshmallow Moon Cookies also come in glow-in-the-dark packaging and feature a commemorative sticker set. Looks like our late night snacking just got that much more exciting!

Keep an eye out for these cookies in grocery stores across the country starting in mid-June.

Marshmallow Moon OreosCourtesy Nabisco

Additional treats from Oreo:

Marshmallow Moon Cookies aren’t the only surprise we’re getting from Oreo this summer. Like last year’s limited-edition Fireworks cookies, Oreo is treating us to three new flavors and the return of one fan favorite. Here’s what you can expect to see hitting store shelves in the coming months:

  • May – S’mores (A beloved fan favorite!)
  • June – Latte Creme Thins
  • July – Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip
  • August – Maple Creme

Be sure to save the dates on your calendar! In the meantime, here are some tasty Oreo cookie recipes to satisfy your cookie cravings.

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