Pepsi and Peeps’ Marshmallow Soda Is Here

Move over, Lucky Charms—Peeps just changed the game.

If there’s one thing we love about Easter, it’s soft, pillowy Peeps. We were stoked to learn they’ll be back in stores this Easter, and even better, with a brand new blue raspberry flavor! We were expecting more colorful marshmallow flavors on the shelves with Easter a week away, but they’ve surpassed our expectations because Peeps just teamed up with Pepsi to introduce the first-ever Marshmallow Cola!

Yes, Peeps Pepsi Is Real!

We don’t know about you, but for us, marshmallows in liquid form are basically a dream come true. The sweet, new drink combines the fizzy goodness of Pepsi with the sugary flavor of your favorite Peeps candy. As much as we love a cup of hot cocoa with melty marshmallows, we don’t mind sipping a chilled, fizzy marshmallow drink.

The new cola comes in three 7.5-ounce mini-cans that sport Peeps’ instantly recognizable blue, pink and yellow color scheme, which are packed into a bright yellow box sporting the Peeps and Pepsi logo. If you couldn’t tell by the sunny packaging, this is a drink that’s perfect for sipping in the springtime!

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Where Can I Get Marshmallow Soda?

Unfortunately, you can’t find these pretty cans in stores yet. Instead, Pepsi and Peeps are running the #HangingWithMyPEEPS sweepstakes, urging fans to post pictures of themselves enjoying (safe, socially distanced) springtime activities. All you have to do is snap some pictures of yourself enjoying the sunshine with Peeps Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies, upload ’em to Instagram or Twitter, tag @PEPSI and add the hashtags #PepsiSweepstakes and #HangingWithMyPEEPS. Lucky winners will receive a three-pack of this limited edition drink. You might want to hurry—entries are open for a limited time.

If these drinks get enough buzz, we might see them on shelves soon—and if that happens, we’re definitely snapping up a few cans! Until then, we’ll be stocking up on the Peeps Cake-in-a-Cup for our Easter baskets.

And hey, if you end up buying just a little too much Easter candy, we’ve got ideas for what to do with all those leftover Peeps.

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