Pepsi Releases a Limited-Edition Soda That’s Loaded with Holiday Nutmeg Flavor

The nutty spice is all over holiday cookies and cakes, but how will it taste in Nutmeg Pepsi?

Nutmeg is a popular holiday spice, for sure, but Nutmeg Pepsi? That sounds like something that Santa’s elves might mix up after an exceptionally stressful day in the toy workshop. Even if Santa might be enjoying some Pepsi with milk this Christmas.

Pepsi has had an exceptionally creative parade of flavors lately, thanks to Nitro Pepsi, starry Pepsi, Pepsi S’mores (three flavors!), Peeps Pepsi and Pepsi Mango. And this holiday season, they’re trying to outcompete all of them, apparently!

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What Is Pepsi Nutmeg?

Pepsi doesn’t describe the flavor very much, except to note that the beverage, “gives its classic cola credentials a spicy twist.”

Nutmeg itself carries a spicy, almost woody taste, and it’s often used in recipes along with cinnamon or cloves. It’s fragrant and wintry and frequently used in baked goods, such as muffins and cookies. I’m envisioning it serving as a mixer for maybe a creative holiday drink or spiked with rum, with a cinnamon stick for stirring.

The new flavor is part of a World Cup tie-in—in soccer (“football,” outside of the United States), “nutmeg” is when you dribble or kick the ball between an opponent’s feet. It’s visually cool and sprinkles a little spice into the game. Pepsi even made a short film featuring some legendary players and some smooth soccer moves, calling the film “Nutmeg Royale.” And once it was made, they had to have a drink to go with it—the cool sandy-colored can even shows two soccer players!

How Can I Get a Can?

Right now, you won’t see Pepsi Nutmeg on your grocery store shelves. But the company teased that interested would-be drinkers should keep their eye on the Pepsi Global channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to follow Pepsi Global accounts, not Pepsi’s regular U.S. social channels.

We’re hoping those accounts will offer a giveaway, contest or another way to get Pepsi Nutmeg soon. Until then, happy World Cup-watching!

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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