Disney Is Serving a Pickle Milkshake at Its Food & Wine Festival Right Now

The pickle milkshake might be too ambitious, even for Disney.

The annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival kicks off today at Disney World in Florida. With a menu that highlights flavors from all over the world, most Disney guests are delighted by the offerings. But menu item might be the exception to the rule. For those looking for a sweet treat with a hint of tang, this year’s festival includes a Pickle Milkshake.

While some Disney-goers seem delighted to try the unusual pickle-flavored food, others seem downright offended at the thought!

Everything We Know About the Pickle Milkshake

New at the festival this year, Brew-Wing Lab at the Odyssey invites guests to go on a flavorful adventure featuring the culinary creations – and madcap mishaps – of Muppet Labs. With Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his trusty partner Beaker as their hosts, festival goers can sample concoctions that include both traditional chicken wings and plant-based optionsSteven Diaz/Courtesy Disney

This year’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival features the Brew-Wing Lab at the Odyssey. It features the food creations of Muppet scientist Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his loyal assistant Beaker. Together, the duo has created Disney’s first Pickle Milkshake.

Served in a souvenir cup that looks similar to a Mason jar, the milkshake sells for $5.75. The drink itself is a bright green hue, similar to a Shamrock Shake. The shake is topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles made to look like the herbs found in a jar of dill pickles. Rather than a cherry on top, the Pickle Milkshake gets a sprig of fresh dill as a garnish.

Pickle Milkshake Reviews

@disneyeats, the official Instagram account for magical Disney menus, released a video of the Pickle Milkshake to mixed reviews. Some responded, “Would absolutely try this,” others feel Disney is pushing the experimental menu a bit too far.

Some comments asked if it was April Fools’ Day while others noted that no one in the Disney Eats reel actually tastes the Pickle Milkshake.

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The media day preview on July 26 also brought in mixed reviews. Almost everyone agreed the milkshake starts off tasting like a classic vanilla shake. But what follows are notes of dill with a slight tang of vinegar. Some loved it and said they wouldn’t hesitate to get another. One tester even noted she’s not a fan of pickles, but found the shake to be mild and surprisingly delicious. Some even considered it refreshing in Florida’s summer heat.

While it seems unlikely the Pickle Milkshake will go down as the next Dole Whip, most reviews mention it’s worth trying during the Food & Wine Festival. The event happens now through November 18, so book your tickets!

Other Pickle Products to Try at Disney

If you’re not sold on the Pickle Milkshake, that’s OK. But don’t shy away from pickles altogether. The festival’s Pickle Fries with Dill Ranch menu item might be more your speed, found at the Fry Basket booth.

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