Pillsbury Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls Are Here and We’re Ready for Fall

Ready to fill your fall mornings with pumpkin? Bake up Pillsbury's pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls!

It’s time for pumpkin-inspired desserts and snacks. Well, pumpkin spice-inspired desserts, to be specific. From the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte to pumpkin spice Cheerios, there’s already a wide variety of breakfast items in this perfect fall flavor. Is there anything that could make your mornings even more wonderful? You bet! Pillsbury’s pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls have arrived.

What’s in Pillsbury’s Pumpkin Spice Delights?

The Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls make an ideal breakfast (or dessert) for pumpkin lovers. What separates them from other cinnamon rolls, you ask? Your mouth will be filled with pumpkin spice with every single bite. You can taste pumpkin in the actual cinnamon rolls, and they come with pumpkin spice icing to drizzle on top, too.

We loved Pillsbury’s cinnamon rolls with strawberry icing, but nothing will top pumpkin spice rolls during the cooler fall months. Wondering what other products can be infused with fall’s favorite flavor? Check out some foods we’d never expect to taste like pumpkin spice.

Where Can I Buy the Cinnamon Rolls?

Pillsbury’s pumpkin spice rolls are in stores now through November. Head to your nearest Walmart, Target, Safeway, Kroger, Publix or ShopRite to purchase these cinnamon rolls. (You can also buy ’em on Target’s website!) The cinnamon rolls come in packs of five but they’re Grands, so the rolls are huge. They’re usually priced between $3 and $5.

You can pop Pillsbury Grands! right into the oven, but if you want a homemade treat, you can make your own pumpkin cinnamon rolls from scratch. That’s sure to get your morning started right, too.

Find More Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix
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