The Pioneer Woman Is Cooking Up Something New: Dog Treats

You know the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, for her ranch-style comfort foods. But the icon is branching out with a new line of dog treats inspired by her favorite dishes.

There are some pretty questionable dog treats out there. While it’s easy to grab dog food in a bag or can, it’s hard to truly know if that dog food is the healthiest option for your pup. Which is why Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, released a new line of dog treats there are natural and authentic.

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What Makes the Pioneer Woman’s Pet Treats Different

“All of the ingredients are very natural and simple. The ingredient list was very short, which was important to me,” said Drummond to one of our writers in an interview. “I had fun, and the great thing about treats versus food is that you can have fun and experiment and play with different flavors and rotate different varieties in and out. Which is sort of how I do things.”

What Are the Options?

The flavors aren’t exactly your typical dog treat snacks. Instead, these dog treats are inspired by Drummond’s home cooking!

“So I had the idea to do some dog treats that were inspired by the recipes that I cook for Lad and the kids, and I wanted to have fun with them,” said Drummond. “I do little chicken parmesan bites, beef brisket bites, chicken and apple jerky.”

Drummond officially launched nine different dog treats through the company Purina.

The treats are divided up into three categories: Crunchy, Meaty, and Chews.


  • Chicken & Blueberry Recipe Waffles
  • Bacon, Maple & Apple Recipe Waffles
  • Classic Shortcake Biscuits


  • Chicken & Apple Recipe Jerky Strips
  • Chicken Parmesan Recipe Bites
  • Chicken & Sweet Taters Recipe Bites
  • Beef & Brisket Recipe BBQ-Style Cuts


  • Drummies
  • Lil’ Drummies

“At Purina we strive to provide best-in-class pet nutrition, and we’re excited to explore a new frontier of dog treats with the American-favorite Pioneer Woman brand,'” said Ryan Gass, Senior Brand Manager of Purina Treats, in a press release. “Both reigning from America’s Heartland, we know the value of a home-style meal and now have created a similar experience in the form of a treat for dogs. No matter which flavor you choose, your dog will get a treat he’ll love made with ingredients you can trust.”

“I like variety and I like to have fun with my products,” said Drummond about the flavors. “I think dog treats sometimes aren’t really much fun. They’re just kind of shaped like bones or don’t really have a lot of character. My ranch dogs have never been big fans of store-bought dog treats. The bar was pretty high.”

What Do Ree’s Dogs Think?

According to Drummond, her five dogs on her family’s ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma needed to approve of these bites first. After being spoiled with food scraps from Drummond as she cooks right in the kitchen, having dog treats that are approved by her furry friends is truly a huge accomplishment.

While Drummond is well-known for her popular television show and product line at Walmart, releasing a line of dog treats is a completely new type of project for her. Which, of course, she took as a challenge to make the most authentic product possible.

“Yeah it’s different, and to me, it has to be authentic,” said Drummond about creating a line of dog treats. “And it was so authentic for me because of my love for dogs. And my love for home cooking. So putting the two together was a really fun challenge. And of course, getting them to be delicious enough for my dogs to approve was also a fun little sidebar challenge that I enjoyed.”

The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats line is available at major retailers including Walmart and Sam’s Club. You can also find the closest place to snag these treats over on Purina’s website.

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