This Map Shows You the Most Popular Easter Treat in Each State

The country's favorite Easter treat is what?

Spring has officially sprung, and we just can’t wait to revel in all the sunshine and pretty pastels! While you may be hard at work perfecting your lovely Easter baskets (and munching on delicious Easter treats), have you ever stopped to think about how different Easter candies fare from state to state?

We’ve got the scoop on each state’s favorite Easter treat according to the latest map from Zippia. From chocolate bunnies and jelly beans to Peeps and eggs galore, let’s check out your state’s Easter fave.

It’s Not All Just Easter Candy

When it comes to Easter candy, everyone’s pretty much got the basics down. Giant chocolate bunnies are a must, as well as lots of chocolate eggs! And don’t forget to throw in some color with jelly beans, Peeps or Sour Patch Kids.

But what about state favorites? According to the map, there’s actually quite a range. Here’s the overall simplified breakdown:

  • Boiled eggs: 15 states
  • Assorted candy eggs (Cadbury Creme, Mini, White, Caramel, Kinder): 11 states
  • Assorted jelly beans (Sweet Tart, Starbust): 10 states
  • Peeps: 8 states
  • Chocolate bunnies: 6 states

Now, here’s where things get a little contentious. Is a hard-boiled egg really considered an Easter treat? Some may say yes while others might say it’s just a regular Tuesday breakfast. It’s the majority favorite across the country though, whether you agree with it or not! (By the way, here’s how to boil eggs perfectly.)

I’m mostly surprised at how low chocolate bunnies are on the list! Maybe those voters hadn’t tried Reese’s bunnies. They’re so darn delicious!

Did the Map Get Your State Right?

A lot of states had their own favorite version in a particular candy category. For example, my state of Illinois had white chocolate eggs as its favorite treat. We never had white chocolate eggs growing up…so I can’t relate to this one! Chocolate marshmallow eggs, though? We used to eat those by the cartonful!

Next up: Check out the best Easter candy for your basket this year.

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