People Are Roasting Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheese Inside and They’re Even Better Than S’mores

Looking for a campfire snack that's more savory than sweet. You should try roasting cheese-stuffed pretzel bites!

The absolute best part about warm weather is hanging out in the backyard with friends and family around a bright, toasty bonfire. Don’t fight me on this—it’s totally true! Whether you’re roasting the best-ever s’mores, exchanging childhood memories or enjoying the summer breeze, it’s impossible to have a bad time.

So what if I told you there’s a bonfire food you definitely haven’t tried yet? Yes, we’ve done hot dogs and marshmallows galore, but now it’s time to switch it up. Here’s why you need to fire up some pretzel bites with cheese inside at your next backyard bash.

How to Roast Your Pretzel Bites

You’ve definitely seen these things before. They remind me of baseball games and movie theaters. We all know what a soft pretzel with cheese looks like (they’re a classic at sports games and mall food courts), so imagine a smaller, more compact version. Round balls of pretzel filled with all that ooey-gooey good stuff!

Grab a pack of these mini pretzel bites, spear ’em on the end of your campfire stick and roast like you would a marshmallow. They’ll start to darken a bit as they cook, so grab them as soon as they hit the right color for you. Then, all you have to do is pop them in your mouth and enjoy the sensation of delicious, melted cheddar cheese. Every person you invite to your next bonfire will absolutely want to try one!

This will be the most delicious addition to your next backyard party.

Where Can I Find Them?

Pretzilla Cheese-Filled Soft Pretzel Bites from Walmart would be the perfect thing to use. They’re small enough to roast easily (and even fit multiple pretzels on your stick), and you can grab a 10-ounce bag for less than $5. I’ll definitely be picking up three or four bags…and I can safely say they’ll probably all be for myself!

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