Can You Guess Prince George’s Favorite Snack Food?

Hint: It's not necessarily what you'd expect from the royals!

Have you noticed that His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge (first-born son of His Royal Highness Prince William) is lately one of the most talked-about royals? It could be that he loves dinosaurs. It could be all the adorable photos of him at his Uncle Harry’s wedding or in his too-cute school uniform.

But I have another theory. It involves food (no surprise there). While Prince George partakes in a daily mid-morning snack of fresh fruit at his school, Thomas’s Battersea in London, it turns out his favorite snack is pizza. It makes the prince, who stands third in line for the throne, very very relatable.

Everybody loves pizza!

There’s been quite a bit of talk in recent years about America’s obsession with pizza, which is arguably the #1 most popular food in the US. Yes, HRH Prince George will be King one day, and one can assume he will learn to enjoy the sort of elegant foods the Queen loves.

But for now, Prince George loves pizza!

Prince George loves to make pizza dough, too

Not only does Prince George love eating pizza, he also loves making pizza. Both he and his sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, are fans of the experience of kneading and punching down the dough, not to mention getting their hands all messy. (But what kid doesn’t love that?)

Looking to share that experience with your own kiddos? Use our recipe for our Perfect Pizza Crust!

But is it healthy?

Pizza can be a healthy snack. It depends on how much you eat and what you decide to put on top of it. No word yet on what Prince George likes to top his pizza with, but here are the best toppings for your homemade pizza.

Make one of our all-time best pizzas
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