Prince Harry Gets a Candy Tribute from Haribo

One British Haribo factory had a royal surprise for Prince Harry: gummy candies shaped like his head!

Gummy bears of all different colors piled together in a random assortment

Shutterstock / Pashu Ta Studio

If you’re a fan of gummy worms and British royalty, get this: Haribo’s latest candy mix features Prince Harry jelly faces!

The royal family member, 32 and fifth in line for the throne, visited the Haribo factory in Castleford, Yorkshire, on July 7 (just one stop as part of his tour of the area). In England, where candy is referred to as “sweets,” Haribo is one of the leading brands-so popular that the prince himself ate Haribo candies himself as a child. (Of course, we love these treats that pay tribute to another well-known British Harry!)

Upon arrival, the prince was outfitted in a white smock and hairnet-style fedora (not your typical candy factory protocol!) to get a closer look behind the scenes at one of his favorite childhood treats. After receiving a tour of the production and packing areas, Prince Harry was baffled to see gummy renditions of himself, complete with his famous curly red hair, rolling down the conveyor belt. The company then surprised him with four bags labeled “Harry’s Mix”-a personalized tribute for him to share with the rest of the castle. (Here are foods you can share with your own family-even the pup!)

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on these adorable little gummies. Haribo made the mix especially for the prince’s visit and is not releasing it to the public. Boo!

As if all the planning and effort that went in to creating a new candy weren’t enough, the Castleford Haribo plant also promised to make a donation to a charity of Harry’s choice. His two-day tour of the region also included visits to a charity that provides services for children with serious illnesses, and an event focused on mental health issues among young people.

Prince Harry has been candid about his own struggles and co-founded Heads Together with his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, to destigmatize mental illness, raise awareness and bring mental health into the public conversation. Very cool.

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