Problem-Solving Pointers for Quick Bread

Breads & Rolls

Bread is Tough and Dense or has Tunnels

Batter was overmixed.Bread is Soggy

Batter had too much liquid or fat.Center of Bread had Sunk

There was too little or too much leavening.

Bread was underbaked.

Batter stood too long before baking.

Bread has a Thick Brown Crust

Batter had too much sugar.Bread has a Bitter Aftertaste

Batter had too much leavener.Bread Crumbled while Being Cut

Bread was still warm. Cool completely before slicing.Nuts, Fruit or Chocolate Chips Sink to Bottom of Bread

Batter was too thin to hold the fruit, nuts or chips. Next time, chop them smaller or use miniature chocolate chips.

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