4 Painting Tips You Need to Know, According to the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott have four simple painting tips to make DIY projects less messy.

Growing up with a mother that liked to switch our house’s colors around really taught me the ways of the paintbrush. From using paint rollers to always having a good amount of painter’s tape around, we were always prepared for the next big DIY.

But if we’d known about all these painting tips from the Property Brothers before we started—well, our projects might have been a bit cleaner. Don’t worry, though, we’re about to fill you in on all the pro painting secrets you’ll ever need for the perfect paint job.

Here’s what Drew and Jonathan Scott told the Today Show!

The Best Property Brothers Painting Tips

Use Foil Instead of Painter’s Tape

Applying painter’s tape to every doorknob and window ledge can be a total pain. According to our boys Drew and Jonathan, aluminum foil is the way to go. It takes seconds to apply and is totally moldable to whatever shape you’re working with. Count me in!

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Line Your Painting Tray with Foil

Using foil on your painting tray will save you some much-needed time at the end of your project. Skip pouring the paint straight into your tray. Instead, cover the tray completely with aluminum foil before pouring. When you’re done, throw out the foil liner and revel in your clean painting tray.

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Store Paintbrushes in the Freezer

Your freezer is for more than frozen vegetables. It can help make candles last longer and is an excellent place store plastic wrap. The freezer can also  keep your paintbrushes fresh. The cold air helps to keep brush bristles crisp and ready to go. Simply wrap them in aluminum foil, seal the ends and stash in your freezer. They’ll always be ready for your next project!

Use a Rubber Band to Prevent Paint Can Drips

Take a large rubber band and wrap it all the way around an open paint can. The rubber band should wrap from the bottom of the can to the top and sit across the opening. Use the edge of the rubber band to remove excess paint from your brush. It keeps the edges of the paint can clean and the extra paint drips right back into the can. That’s a win-win if you ask me!

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