Publix Is Buying Milk from Farmers PLUS Donating to Food Banks Right Now

The Southern supermarket chain is stepping up and helping out.

Supermarkets and restaurants are doing everything they can during this pandemic to make things better for shoppers and employees. They’re also getting creative with business models; restaurants have been turning parking lots into drive-in theaters, and now, Publix is doing its part by buying up surplus milk and produce from farmers and donating it to food banks.

If you’re already familiar with Publix, you’re probably aware of how amazing the grocery store is. Here’s every reason why we love Publix—some might even surprise you.

Publix Gives Back

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the nation’s supply chain. Farmers have been left with too much food as restaurants and schools are closed. At the same time, food banks are becoming depleted because people are out of work or have reduced incomes.

That’s where Publix comes in. According to a press release, Publix stated that it would purchase “fresh produce and milk to assist farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” then donate it to Feeding America food banks.

Within the first week, Publix donated roughly 150,000 pounds of produce and 43,500 gallons of milk. That’s the community spirit!

How You Can Help

According to Feeding America, there were already 37 million food-insecure individuals before the pandemic began. That figure could increase by 17.1 million due to the coronavirus.

If you are able to give back, now is the time. Zuani Villarreal, director of communication at Feeding America, states “The most effective way for people to support food banks right now is through a financial donation.” Of course, non-perishable foods are welcome, too. Just be sure to skip the home-cooked or baked goods. Learn more about how to help your local food bank right now.

It’s not just families in need—animals could also use a little extra help during the quarantine. Food donations to animal shelters have slowed down because people are stocking up their own shelves.

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We’re All in This Together

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