Pyrex Brings Back This Popular Vintage Pattern, and We’re “Lucky in Love”

Take a time machine back to Grandma's house with these adorable vintage-designed dishes!


Be honest, are you really in Grandma’s kitchen if she’s not cooking a casserole in that gorgeous vintage Pyrex? Beautifully designed Pyrex dishes are a vintage staple, and for just under $20, you can have one of your very own.

Starting in March, you’ll be able to buy Pyrex dishes with the popular “Lucky in Love” vintage design at Target or Macy’s. This design was introduced in 1959 and has become quite a popular vintage design since then. One person even found this specific vintage design on eBay for over $4,000. That’s a huge difference compared to the new price of $4 to $18!

Now granted, vintage Pyrex’s tend to cost way more than just $20. If you have a vintage Pyrex dish, you could actually be sitting on a goldmine! They can sell for anything between $10 and $100, some even going over $1,000 on Etsy. That’s a lot for one dish! But if you’re just dying to have a vintage-looking Pyrex of your own, these new dishes are definitely a steal.

Can’t wait till March? Don’t worry, Pyrex is already selling them on their website. But they’re running out fast! You can get a 1-cup, 2-cup, or 4-cup round dish on Pyrex’s website ranging from $4 to $9 in price. Starting in March, you’ll also be able to buy this design in rectangular dishes including a 3-cup dish, a 6-cup, and an 11-cup. Those prices range between $6 and $10.

Once you have the dish, we highly recommend making one of these delicious 13×9 Casserole Recipes in it. It will make that home-cooked meal feel just like Grandma’s in an instant.

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