Pyrex Is Selling a ‘Star Wars’ Storage Set That Takes Meal Prep to Outer Space

Pyrex's new Star Wars set will help you prep, bake and store food throughout the galaxy.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been meal prepping during quarantine instead of cooking a big meal every night. (By the way, if you’re looking for easy meal prep ideas, we’ve got you covered.) But what if you could take your nightly meals to the next level? Say—to a galaxy far, far away?

Pyrex is selling a Star Wars storage set in honor of the greatest movie franchise of all time. And yes, there’s a Baby Yoda dish, too.

The Force Will Be with You Always

Perfect for a stylish and spacey work from home lunch, the Star Wars storage set comes with eight total pieces. They’re stamped with all your favorite characters, like Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and C-3PO. If you decide to take the plunge into space and snag some for yourself, you’ll get two 4-cup glass dishes (ideal for stashing homemade snack mix), two 3-cup glass dishes and four lids, two for each piece.

What’s better is the dishes are made with durable, tempered glass and are designed to stack on top of your other Pyrex sets. There’s also a special Baby Yoda snack storage container, just in case you’re as much of a fan of The Mandalorian as we are. We don’t know about you, but we plan on collecting them all!

These adorable Star Wars gadgets bring The Force to your kitchen.

How to Become a Jedi

Get cooking just like Skywalker with this storage set, available on Pyrex’s website. It’s only around $36 to take your meal prep to a new planet, and you can also get each dish individually for about $8 a pop. If you’ve got your Costco card ready, you can find these dishes—and the Mickey Mouse Pyrex collection—in-store at Costco for just $17.99 a pop, according to IG user @CostcoSisters. That’s a pretty sweet deal for all these out-of-this-world goodies.

Fly fast, though—we can’t imagine these dishes will be roaming the galaxy for too long. These are our favorite Star Wars food creations we’re seriously craving a bite of.

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