4 Reasons to Buy Chicken Thighs for Dinner

Chicken thighs are often overlooked at the grocery store. Here's why you should put them in your shopping cart.

Sure, boneless, skinless chicken breasts might get all the glory. But when it comes to flavor, price and versatility, chicken thighs are the real winner! Here’s why I usually buy chicken thighs:

1. They’re relatively inexpensive.

For those looking for cheap dinner ideas, choosing chicken thighs over chicken breasts is a great option. Chicken thighs—particularly the bone-in, skin-on type—are often half the price of chicken breasts. Even if you prefer to not eat the skin, consider purchasing the skin-on type anyway, as cooking with the skin on helps to retain moisture and flavor. Just remove the skin before serving.

This recipe for crispy garlic-broiled chicken thighs calls for bone-in chicken and is a reader favorite.

2. They’re full of flavor.

Since this cut comes from the muscular chicken leg, it is a darker meat. It also tends to be fattier than chicken breasts, which leads to a meatier and juicier flavor and more tender texture. The rich flavor of chicken thighs shines in this recipe for pan-roasted chicken and vegetables.

3. They’re perfect for slow cooker recipes.

Because chicken thighs are a less lean cut of meat, they are perfect for the slow cooker. The thighs will become even more tender over time, while lean chicken breasts have a tendency to dry out in a slow cooker when cooked too long.

4. They can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Chicken thighs are delicious when seared on the stovetop, roasted in the oven or grilled on the barbecue. Chicken provides a neutral palette and pairs well with a variety of flavors, ranging from spicy sauces to the more subtle flavors of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Not sure where to start? Give one of these chicken thigh recipes a try!

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Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.