8 Reasons Why Fido Belongs on the Floor

Stop wondering if your pup should cuddle up on the couch to watch Netflix. Keeping pets off the furniture means you can wear black anytime, even when you don't have time for a lint roller.

Bulldog mix puppy sleeping on gray sofa at homeShutterstock / Anna Hoychuk
Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

The other day as I was rushing out the door to take my son to school, and I realized he had dog fur all over his pants. We don’t allow our pooches on the furniture, so what gives?

The next day, I watched my son’s out-the-door ritual and saw him plop down on the floor to put on his shoes. A-ha! The carpet was the culprit. I realized how happy I was that we don’t allow the dogs on our furniture, because if we did, we’d all suffer the same furry-pants fate.

Lint rollers see little action around our home thanks to our no-pets-on-the-couch policy. Are you thinking you should institute the same rules in your household? Here are eight reasons why I’ve got your back:

1. It’s Embarrassing to Go to a Meeting Covered in Dog Fur

We’ve all been on an elevator with that person—the one who might as well be a dog with the amount of fur transported from home. Not only do they look like a hot mess, but their appearance also gives the impression that they rushed out of the house and aren’t bringing their A-game. Don’t be that person.

2. Your Furniture Will Thank You

A no-pet policy will allow your furniture the freedom from harsh cleaners and fresheners. These substances often can dull, discolor or damage your items. In turn, your furniture will last longer.

3. You Won’t Have to Worry about Playing Host to Guests Who Aren’t Big Pet People

Remember how Lucy acted whenever Snoopy was able to sneak in a kiss? Dog germs! When your pets stay on the floor, you won’t have to apologize for your pet’s behavior.

4. You Won’t Smell like Dog

Even if he’s fresh from the groomer, your pooch still smells like a dog. Use that Febreze to freshen his dog bed, not your bed or couch.

5. You’ll Still Be the Alpha

According to pedigree.com, dogs that are allowed on the furniture respect their owners less. Maintain your leader-of-the-pack status by keeping your pup grounded. This will ensure there are no behavior issues or power plays for the comfiest spot on the couch.

6. You’ll Have More Room on the Couch or in Your Bed

Chances are you’re already sharing the couch with another loved one (or three). While you’ll still have to compete for control of the remote, taking your pet out of the equation will ensure that you have more space to stretch out. And if you’re already battling a snorer in the bedroom, it’s best not to add dog snores to that soundtrack.

7. You Can Travel with Your Pet

Not all houses have the same pet rules. Earn that open invitation back with big thanks to your pet’s good behavior. By saying no at home, you won’t have to stress about an embarrassing faux pas of couch jumping at a friend’s house. One committed by your dog, at least. (Get more pet travel tips to make sure the drive there is a success.)

8. You Won’t Worry If There’s an Infant Around

While you may be able to handle all 117 pounds of your bullmastiff when he’s feeling cuddly, a baby won’t. If you’re expecting, consider keeping Jumbo off the furniture now to ensure the safety of your children later. You’ll have a lot on your plate with the new baby at home, so do yourself a favor and institute the no-couch rule right away.

Need to change your policy mid-game? Don’t fret. With a few behavior modifications and rewards for staying off the furniture, your pet will adjust, according to canine behavior consultant Chad Culp. If you’re feeling guilty about keeping Fido on the floor, head into the kitchen and make a snack that you can all share. These apple snack wedges look amazing, and food makes everybody happy.

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