Ree Drummond Made This Dish for Her Husband When They First Started Dating

On a recent Instagram post, Ree Drummond shares a photo of the recipe she made for her husband when they first started dating. Here's what she made.

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It seems that Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, always has something delicious to share on her cooking show and her Instagram. (Check out her genius fridge organization tips here!) From chicken Alfredo stuffed shells to breakfast tostadas, Ree is always capturing our hearts with her delicious food. And it seems that was how she won the heart of her husband Ladd as well!

According to a recent Instagram post, the Pioneer Woman’s linguine with clam sauce won the heart of her husband when they first started dating. In the episode “Ask Me Anything!”, Ree shared about this particular recipe, along with other stories related to certain recipes, romantic moments, fashion, and her ranch favorites. She said that the linguine with clam sauce is actually the first thing she ever cooked for her husband. What a lucky guy!

Linguine with clam sauce isn’t the only recipe Ladd gets to enjoy from Ree’s table. During the holidays he gets to munch on her ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls, and even gets to enjoy the delicious food over at Ree’s restaurant, Mercantlie, in Oklahoma.  Psst! This is her go-to order at breakfast.

Although we will never have a homemade dish of linguine from Ree Drummond herself, that doesn’t stop us from making our own dish right at home! This Linguine with Clam Sauce recipe will certainly make you a little less jealous of this delicious looking dish of pasta, especially if you serve it with a side of this Crusty Homemade Bread.

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