Here’s What Ree Drummond Loves to Make for Halloween

Take a page from Ree Drummond's recipe book this Halloween with a sweet-and-salty candy bark.

Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of all the fun and seasonal treats you can whip up for party-goers, trick-or-treaters and friends! If you’re still brainstorming some ideas, take a tip from the Pioneer Woman herself. Ree Drummond has a simply wicked treat that brings all the best of Halloween together in a single treat: Halloween candy bark. Here’s how to whip up this super-easy treat.

Pick Your Base

We all know that melted chocolate is the base of any good bark, but Ree takes it to the next level with a crunchy foundation: graham crackers! Simply ay graham crackers (any flavor you like) down on the tray, then layer with melted chocolate—dark, white or milk.

Next Up, Candy

Around Halloween, grocery store shelves are stuffed to the brim with plenty of seasonal options for you to choose from. Make a few different batches (and get the kids involved), experimenting with different candy color schemes, flavor profiles and more. There’s really no wrong way to do it!

In fact, the best way to make this treat is to see what Halloween treats your kiddos bring home. They might get some fun ideas of what to do with all those fun and funky candies.

Finally, Assemble

Now that you’ve got all your ingredients, it’s time to put it all together. Simply melt your chocolate and pour it onto a large baking pan that you’ve lined with buttered aluminum foil. While the chocolate is still soft, add in all the candy of your choice. Sweet chocolates, salty pretzels, even cookies and nuts, are all welcome on your candy bark—just be sure to crumble them into bite-sized pieces for easy snacking. Then let your bark stand for one hour or pop it into the fridge, break it apart, and enjoy!

Just like that you’ll be enjoying an amazing Halloween snack and living a bit like the Pioneer Woman.

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