Ree Drummond’s Secret to Staying in Shape While Eating a Lot

No, the answer isn’t exercise.

Trying to live on a balanced diet is certainly not an easy task. How in the world does one stay slim while also having the freedom to enjoy delicious treats (like these 100 potluck desserts)? It seems impossible. Especially for someone like Ree Drummond who opened a hotel, runs a restaurant, creates recipes for cookbooks, writes a blog, stars in a television show and operates an entire ranch in Oklahoma. And yet, she has a few tips on a healthy life that are so easy we may just start following them.

It all started with her mission to fit better in her jeans. According to a few of her blog entries, Ree made a commitment to trying to lose some weight. She explains the specifics of her weight-loss methods, and how she tries to stay balanced while also enjoying the food she loves.

Eat a lot during this one meal

In an entry from 2012, Ree wrote how she didn’t want to “try on larger jeans” and would like to “feel lighter” on her feet. In this entry, she also brought up her tricks to slimming down a few pounds: Keep it slim for breakfast and dinner, and “eat herself silly” at lunch. She would drink a protein type shake for her first and last meal of the day while giving herself the freedom of eating whatever she wants during lunchtime.

After trying this method and losing a few pounds, Ree couldn’t help but notice how she habitually was “eating myself silly” for every meal. By taking a step back and slimming down her food intake, she was able to see a difference.

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Taste, don’t inhale

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2009, Ree points out that she has become the master of tasting everything instead of “inhaling” her food. This is a key tactic of hers when putting together recipes for a cookbook.

It also came in handy when a plate of fried bread (yes, fried bread, we even have a recipe for it) was placed in front of her at a restaurant in New Orleans in 2017. She took a taste of the bread, relished in its absolute delightfulness, but didn’t go any further with her indulgence.

Cut back on something to enjoy your favorites

Tasting bites and not inhaling her food comes from an experiment of hers from another blog entry in 2017. In order to feel comfortable in her jeans again, Ree decided it was time to give something up for a period of time. She wrote that there was “no way I was going to give up sugar or cheese” so flour was the next best thing. Honestly, we are huge fans of that life choice. Who could seriously give up cheese and sugar, especially with these top 10 cheesecake recipes?

With such a busy schedule and constant brainstorming of new recipes for her cookbook (or even for her restaurant, Mercantile), Ree’s method for losing those few extra pounds makes sense. It gives her freedom to enjoy some delicious meals, while also taking into consideration how much she is eating on a day-to-day basis.

Speaking of Ree, she is also quite the expert when it comes to organizing her fridge. Here’s how to clean out the fridge like Ree Drummond.

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