You Can Now Eat Skittles Without the Shell—Really!

Skittles has finally come out of its shell. Meet Skittles Chewies!

Since the 1970s, Skittles has been synonymous with its colorful candy shell. But now, thanks to Skittles Chewies, you can “taste the rainbow” without a single crunch. Just think of that tangy, fruity explosion happening as soon as you pop the candy in your mouth!

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So, what are Skittles Chewies really like?

Rip open a bag of Skittles Chewies, and what you can expect is candy that’s similar to the original Skittles… but without the shell. Think: soft, fruity texture, exploding on your tongue, no crunch required! Skittles manufacturer Mars Wrigley is describing it as a “new delicate texture format.”

The roundup of flavors will look familiar. The green Skittle is Lime-flavored instead of the dreaded Green Apple. It’s joined by Orange, Lemon, Backcurrant and Strawberry. Love that green Lime Skittle? You’re not alone.

It’s a “texture alternative”

The idea behind the Chewies is to offer a texture alternative, according to Dan Newell at Mars Wrigley Confectionery. The company did “extensive research,” and it became clear that the time had arrived for a chewy version of the fruity flavors everyone loves.

Fortunately, the regular Skittles will still be around!

Where can I buy the Skittles Chewies?

Skittles Chewies have been rolled out in the U.K., but so far, the manufacturer has been “mum” on when they’ll be in the U.S. However, you can buy them right this minute on Amazon for $4.99. Based on what Twitter users are saying, you might just have to give in to that urge for immediate gratification.

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