This Nifty Trick Will Humidify Your Home—Without a Humidifier

No humidifier? No problem! Here's an easy fix.

We all know how the air can get super dry during those cold, winter months. Dry air can affect everything from your skin, eyes, throat, hair, lips, even seasonal allergies and illnesses. Keeping a humidifier in your home is an easy way to solve the dry air issue at home. But what if you don’t have a humidifier at home? Well, you can just use your slow cooker, commonly known by the brand name, Crock-Pot.

Yes, it’s true! A slow cooker can actually serve as a humidifier in your home, and it’s extremely easy to do. So if you have a slow cooker and you’re looking for some fresh air in your home this winter, here’s what to do:

slow cooker giving off steamDevrim_PINAR/Getty Images

Step 1: Fill it with water, set it on “high”

First, place the slow cooker in a spot you would like to have fresh air. Since the living room is probably a gathering place in your home, find a place for it in there. Fill up the slow cooker with fresh water and cover it with the lid. Set it on high.

Step 2: Take off the lid, set it to “low”

When steam starts to roll off the lid, you know it’s ready. Take the lid off of the slow cooker and turn it on low. Let the moisture from the water work its magic!

Step 3: Fill the water if necessary

If the water is starting to get low, top it off with more water. If the water isn’t warm enough, you can always throw the lid back on it to heat it up.

Step 4: If desired, add essential oils

If you’re looking to add some fresh smells in your home, adding drops of essential oils will be a nice touch. Different essential oils are known to have different purposes. If you’re looking to clear up sinuses, for example, use eucalyptus. If you’re looking for calm, try some lavender. If you’re looking for cozy and seasonal, add some orange and even throw in some cinnamon sticks!

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