Snickers and Dove Coffee Creamers Are a Candy Lover’s Dream

Snickers coffee creamer and Dove chocolate coffee creamer are two flavors that are about to become reality. The liquid treats will hit store shelves in January.

If your coffee break is a time to relax and enjoy a sweet treat, Coffee-mate’s latest invention will be right up your alley. The brand is rolling out a Snickers coffee creamer, as well as one that tastes like Dove’s dark chocolate and almond treats, in January.

For anyone who prefers to counteract any bitterness that comes with the drink, there’s no better solution than coffee creamers that literally taste like candy. You can make your own at home, too!

After all, choosing what to put in your coffee is half the fun of drinking it in the first place.

When Can I Get These Creamers (and How Much Are They?)

The Dove and Snickers-flavored treats will retail for around $3.59 for a 32-oz. bottle. That’s a lot of candy-flavored bang for your buck, especially since you probably won’t need more than a splash of creamer to get the candy-flavored goodness. (Can’t wait until January to get more Snickers in your life? Try these Snickers cookies for a treat even non-coffee lovers can enjoy.)

Sure, not everyone wants gimmicky flavored creamers to go with their cup of java. But one of the wonderful things about being an adult is that you’re the one who’s in control of your life and decisions. So if you want to drink a cup of candy-flavored coffee when you feel like it, no one can stop you. Even (or especially) if that sweet drink comes at breakfast time.

If you can’t wait until January for these delicious two new flavors to hit store shelves, Coffee-mate has plenty of other options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Right now, look out for seasonal Coffee-mate flavors including pumpkin spice, butter toffee and peppermint mocha. And with other Coffee-mate flavors like creme brulee and cookies ‘n’ cream, there’s no shortage of ways to make your coffee infinitely sweeter.

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