Starbucks Is Selling a Glass Tumbler Complete with a Crown—and It’s Fit for Royalty

Is this the cutest piece of 'bucks merch we've ever seen? YES!

If you’re a Starbucks fan, you’re already familiar with the brand’s delightful tumblers and cold cups. The merch often sells out within days of being put on the shelf—it’s that gorgeous. (We’re already obsessed Starbucks holiday collection for 2020 and it hasn’t even been released!)

Now, we’re adding this trio of gold-accented Starbucks cups to our wish list.

There’s a Whole Royal Collection

Live your regal dreams with these tumblers—they’re practically begging you to put on a crown. This collection must have some of the most jaw-dropping designs Starbucks has ever released; we’re especially in love with the flawless gold crown on the lid.

You won’t be surprised to discover the inspiration for these Starbucks tumblers: mermaids. The scale design on the left and middle tumblers in the above image makes total sense! This trio is part of the 2020 Anniversary Collection, and we’d like to have these pretty-as-a-princess tumblers in our life ASAP.

See the Starbucks cold cups we absolutely can’t resist.

Where Can I Buy the Tumblers?

OK, here’s the deal. This drinkware is only available at Starbucks in China, and we’re still waiting for the designs to make the jump to US stores. We know. We’re heartbroken, too.

With that said, you may be able to find the tumblers and other items in the anniversary collection on eBay. If you really have your heart set on adding these mermaid-inspired tumblers to your at-home Starbucks collection, you can. It just might cost you a little (or a lot) extra. And you’ll want to act fast, because some items have more than 100 people “watching” them!

If you need cheering up after this news, this sugar cookie Frappuccino is sure to make you smile.

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