Starbucks’ Secret Menu Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino Is the Perfect Fall Pick-Me-Up

Caramel corn and coffee? Sign us up!

Between Funnel Cake and Cookies and Cream Frappuccinos, Starbucks’ secret menu has been getting a workout lately. Now, you can add one more sweet, frothy drink to your roster, and it tastes just like your favorite fall treat. Introducing the Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino—the secret menu drink that tastes just like the salty-sweet transition between summer and fall.

And don’t worry, PSL fans, there will be plenty of time for pumpkin spice over the next few months.

How to Order a Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino

This inventive drink is as simple as it is delicious! Start your order off with a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, and ask your barista to include one pump of white mocha and one pump of hazelnut. Next, finish your frozen bevvie with extra caramel—baristas typically paint the cup for maximum decadence—and a dollop of whipped cream.

Simple as can be and the perfect blend of salty and sweet, just like a bag of caramel corn!

@starbucksisbaeThe Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino 🍿 recipe by 👉🏻 @thejoyfulrbf♬ original sound – starbucksisbae

This recipe comes to us courtesy of @StarbucksIsBae on TikTok, the connoisseur who can’t stop rolling out the secret Starbucks goodies. They’re also responsible for mouthwatering recipes like the Strawberry Daiquiri Frappuccino and the Piña Colada Frappuccino. (Trust us, these are both worth a try.)

We Can’t Get Enough of the Secret Menu

Before you head to the drive-thru for this sweet and salty Frappuccino, make sure you have the recipe ready. Starbucks baristas don’t know every secret recipe by heart, and the majority of them are not trained on secret menu items. You can either carefully input the order yourself via the mobile app or walk the barista through your order step-by-step.

No matter how you place your order, make sure you get a taste of this Frappuccino this fall. Sorry, PSL—this year is all about the Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino.

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