You’ll Never Guess What Product Starburst Is Making Next (It’s Not Candy!)

Hint: It reminds us of Jell-O.

Starburst hasn’t held back when it comes to unexpected flavors (we’re looking at you, Starburst Duos), but this up-and-coming product might just be the most surprising thing the brand has ever done.

Drumroll, please… it’s Starburst gelatin!

People Who Love Jell-O Will Want to Try This

Unless you have mixed feelings about Jell-O as a dessert, combining Starburst flavors with gelatin is a pretty exciting. It’s going to be the ideal combination of candy and dessert.

Eager fans spotted the first signs of this surprising product at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago:

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Starburst Gelatin Flavors to Expect

It will be sold in individual packages that each make 6-1/2 cup servings of Starburst-flavored goodness. And even though Starburst hasn’t revealed when the product is going to be released, we do know the gelatin will be available in four flavors—blue raspberry, lemon, cherry and strawberry.

Jell-O Recipes to Hold You Over

If you can’t wait for the Starburst gelatin release, don’t panic—there are so many ways you can enjoy Jell-O. Sip on a tropical rainbow Jell-O dessert drink or add some gelatin to a strawberry trifle. Don’t even get us started on gelatin salads!

Who Knew You Could Do THAT With Jell-O?
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