Starburst Is Bringing the Love With Heart-Shaped Jelly Beans for Valentine’s Day

It's never too early to fall in love! Starburst is way ahead of the game this Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air! Well—it’s at Target, at least. Starburst got a head start on Valentine’s Day by dropping some heart-shaped candy, and you should be able to nab a bag before February.

Hello, Heart-Shaped Jelly Beans

Starburst is most famous for its chewy fruit-flavored cubes, but the company is no stranger to jelly beans. They partnered with Jelly Belly to produce Starburst-flavored jelly beans. Now, they’ve shocked us all by trading in the classic bean shape for a Valentine’s Day heart!

The only question: Is it technically a jelly bean if it’s heart-shaped? Either way, we’re all excited to give them a try.

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Love Only Has Two Flavors

Unlike the original Starburst jelly beans, the bags of Valentine’s Day candy will have two flavors. Expect to find strawberry, which is the pink jelly bean, and cherry, the red jelly bean. For those of us who favor the red and pink standard Starburst (guilty!), it’s a dream come true.

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Where to Find the Starburst Hearts

The heart-shaped Starburst jelly beans are listed on Target’s website, and you can buy them in-store or have them delivered. Instagram user @candyhunting also found the treat at Rite-Aid, so it’s looking like Starburst is making the rounds before competitors even get started. You can get this candy before anyone else (and wow your sweetheart on that special day)!

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