T-Mobile Just Sent Its 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer to People Across the Country

The mobile carrier is getting into the "spirit" of summer.

Summer’s here, so we’re breaking out the beverages in anticipation of backyard barbecues! From canned alcoholic drinks galore to boozy ice pops, we’re all set to celebrate the sunny weather.

However, everyone seems to want to get into the “spirit” of summer, and T-Mobile is the latest. Yes, T-Mobile.

Since When Is T-Mobile Making Gin?

On June 21, T-Mobile tweeted about something “refreshing” coming our way, and we can confirm it’s 5Gin. The spirit isn’t produced by T-Mobile, fortunately; it’s from Heritage Distilling Company. I received one of the sleek black bottles, and can confirm that this gin will definitely liven up your summer. It has sweet fruity notes undercut with woodsy pine that’s perfect for gin cocktails on the patio.

T-Mobile also dropped 5Ginger Beer, a sweet ‘n spicy fizzy concoction. That one is made by Jones Soda Co., one of the most well-known regional soda brands in the country. It doesn’t disappoint!

But Why Is T-Mobile Making Gin?

I guess they probably had to stick to drinks starting with G, because the network is celebrating its merger with Sprint, which created the largest 5G network in the country. Twitter commenters responded with some dissatisfaction about the network’s efficiency, but hopefully, the merger will lead to better network coverage.

Where Can I Get 5Gin?

You can place orders on Heritage Distilling’s website, where each bottle of 5Gin is $30. You might want to hurry, though, since quantities are limited—and the 5Ginger Beer is already sold out.

T-Mobile isn’t the only unexpected brand to start making boozy beverages. Hallmark Channel rosé seltzer is here for us to sip during the Christmas in July marathon!

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