The ONLY Place You Can Get Taco Bell’s New Tortilla Chips

Hey, Taco Bell fans! It's going to be even easier to "Live Más" when Taco Bell rolls out its tortilla chips at stores near you.


Taco Bell fans have reason to cheer—and not because it’s almost Cinco de Mayo. (Speaking of which, check out our super-satisfying Cinco de Mayo recipes.) T-Bell is launching a line of tortilla chips starting in May, and you’ll only be able to get them at the supermarket!

As if that’s not exciting enough, there’s this: the chip flavors will be inspired by all your favorite Taco Bell sauces. To start, you’ll see “Fire” and “Mild” flavors, as well as an unflavored “Classic” tortilla chip. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Classic: salted and crispy, they’ll go with any salsa you bring to the table
  • Fire: notes of jalapeño, chili peppers and paprika; they’ll bring the heat of Taco Bell’s popular Fire sauce
  • Mild: chips with hints of cumin and mild chili pepper, like the bold but not-quite-so-spicy Mild sauce

“Our sauce packets are one of the brand’s most unique aspects,” said Marisa Thalberg, the Chief Brand Officer at Taco Bell. The packets were a “natural choice” for the flavors and packaging of the new tortilla chips. Thanks to the sauce-packet bag design, as well as the pearls of “saucy wisdom” on each package, Taco Bell believes their chips will stand out from the crowd. We certainly hope so!

Taco Bell’s new chips will be exclusive to grocery and convenience stores–and won’t be sold or served in Tacto Bell restaurants.

Hungry for más? Go ahead and order Taco Bell delivery or try some copycat T-Bell recipes in your own kitchen:

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