We Tried Two Types of Tahini. Here’s What You Need to Know.

These tahinis might just replace your peanut butter and chocolate-hazelnut spreads!

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Soom Foods, a Philadelphia-based company, was started by three sisters—Shelby, Jackie and Amy—in an effort to get delicious, high-quality tahini in American grocery stores. Since starting the company in 2013, Soom has released a single-sourced roasted sesame tahini and a chocolate sweet tahini halva spread that feature all-natural ingredients and are free of dairy, nuts, gluten and added oil. Since I love anything that can be spread over toast for a quick and easy snack (especially if it has chocolate in it!), I knew I had to try some. Here’s what happened after ordering a jar of sesame and chocolate tahini:

First Impression

Starting with the packaging, I was definitely drawn in. The jars have a simple, straightforward label that focuses in on what’s most important; the high quality of the product and brand’s family focus. The sesame premium tahini’s label assures that the jar is full of pure, roasted and pressed sesame seeds with no additives. The chocolate tahini spread, however, takes an allergen-free approach by pointing out that the product is free of dairy, nuts and added oil. Both jars feature a “women owned” certification logo as well as a picture of the Soom sisters, emphasizing the pride and importance of the brand’s roots. The addition of a bright accent color, teal for the sesame tahini and purple for the chocolate tahini, makes the label pop against the light and dark brown tahini.

Opening the jars, I was struck by how much the tahinis smelled like nut butter! Super rich and nutty, the tahinis smelled like a hearty peanut butter with a little bit of toasted sunflower seeds added in. The chocolate Soom smelled like a slightly sweeter or lighter version of the regular tahini, and didn’t have a chocolate smell at all.

While the chocolate tahini didn’t smell very chocolaty, it definitely looked like it was jam-packed with cocoa. Dark brown and creamy looking, the chocolate Soom had the appearance of a slightly thinner chocolate-hazelnut spread or brownie batter. The regular tahini, on the other hand, was a much lighter tan shade, about the color of a cashew, and had the consistency of a melted peanut butter. After sniffing and stirring these tahinis, I was definitely ready to spread them on some toast and get munching.

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Taste Test

I decided to start with the regular sesame tahini on some toast to get a sense of what the tahini itself tasted like. Since the regular tahini is on the runny side, it was a lot easier to drizzle it over my toast, rather than scrape up the toast trying to spread it. Taking a bite, I was surprised by how rich and hearty the tahini tasted, given how thin it was. The flavor was mostly a strong, nuttier sesame, with the roasted taste coming through at the end. And since the tahini was super smooth, not gritty or grainy at all, there wasn’t a lingering texture or weird aftertaste left in my mouth. Paired with a slice of toast, this sesame tahini makes a perfect breakfast for those on the go.

With the regular tahini getting a stamp of approval, I moved on to the chocolate tahini spread. This flavor was able to spread right over my slice of toast and then melted into all the little nooks and crannies. With my first bite, I was blown away. This spread tasted like a fancier and more expensive version of a chocolate-hazelnut spread, in a good way. I could tell that the cocoa powder used was of high-quality and the sugar that was added gave it just the right amount of sweetness to make it taste decadent. This chocolate tahini spread is so good, I’d eat it with a spoon.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a delicious alternative to peanut butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread, you should definitely check out Soom’s sesame tahini and chocolate tahini spread. Not only do these tahinis pack a serious punch of flavor, but they’re also made with natural ingredients and without unnecessary additives. One of the best parts about tahini is that it can also be added into a variety of recipes like hummus, pasta sauces and baked goods like banana bread or carrot cake!

If you’d like to get your hands on Soom’s tahini, check out their website or head over to Amazon.

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