Tangy Pickle Doritos Are in Stores Right Now, and We’re Going to Need a Bag STAT

Doritos' new Tangy Pickle chips bring together your two favorite things—pickles and all the crave-worthy Dorito dust you can handle.

Doritos are a go-to when it comes to salty snacking, and we can’t help but add a bag to our grocery delivery cart every time we order. Doritos has been hard at work turning out wild flavors like Guacamole and Mountain Dew, but this creation may take the figurative cake. If you’re a big fan of all things pickle, these are worth licking off the Dorito dust.

Tangy Pickle Doritos were spotted in a few stores last summer, but they seem to be (thankfully) more widely available now. Here’s where to snag a bag for yourself!

What Do Tangy Pickle Doritos Taste Like?

It’s no secret we’re suckers for all things pickle-flavored, so of course, we’re hopping on the Tangy Pickle Doritos trend. They’re a classic triangle-shaped Dorito dusted with pickle seasoning. Previously, Tangy Pickle Doritos were only sold across the pond (under the alias “Intense Pickle”), but last year, they finally made it to the U.S, and we couldn’t have been more excited.

The first tasty preview came to us courtesy of @TheImpulsiveBuy on Instagram, who spotted a bag in the wild. Commenters seriously couldn’t get enough, and the new flavor was heaped with praise. Everyone wanted a bite of these tangy Doritos!

Unfortunately, they were incredibly hard to find last year outside of Circle K and Dollar General, but according to Instagram user @frontpagefoodfinds, this year things seem to be looking up! The tasty treats have now been spotted in bigger convenience stores like Stop & Shop and Wawa, and needless to say, people are stoked. These Doritos may even give deep-fried pickle-flavored Pringles a run for their money.

Where to Get Your Hands on a Bag

Tangy Pickle Doritos are available at Dollar General, but only in-store. Instagram user @junkfoodjersey also spotted them at Wawa, where you can find the smaller 2 3/4 oz. bags. If you’re looking for the bigger 9 3/4 oz. bags, @frontpagefoodfinds spotted those at Stop & Shop. The smaller bags have a suggested retail price of $1.89, while the bigger ones go for $4.29 a pop.

They haven’t been seen at major grocery chains, but we imagine these guys will be turning up at Walmart or Target soon.  There’s no telling if Tangy Pickle Doritos are a limited edition flavor or not, so make sure to throw them in your cart as soon as you see them!

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