Target Just Changed Its Website to Highlight Black-Owned Brands

This badge shows which brands are Black-founded or owned.

If nothing else, 2020 has been a year of support, like supporting neighbors, friends and those affected by COVID-19—and supporting meaningful movements, like Black Lives Matter. In a time of turmoil, we’ve seen positive changes and unity through protests and education, and that’s definitely worth celebrating.

One such change comes to us from Target, which is showing its support by badging Black-owned or Black-founded brands on its website. This small change makes them easier to find and support. Here’s how you can tell which items to add to your cart.

Look for This Special Badge

To identify businesses owned or founded by Black people, search for items with a brown badge featuring a series of varying skin-toned hearts in the center. You can find it in the “At-a-glance” section underneath certain products, along with the badges Target uses to mark clean or vegan products. (And before you buy anything at Target, check out this code to make sure you’re getting a good deal!)

If you’re wondering which items to shop first, Target gives a few examples on its Instagram page, like Camille Rose beauty products and BLK&BOLD coffee.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, you won’t see these things in Target anymore.

We Have More Good News, Too

If this news warms your heart, there’s plenty of other smile-worthy stories about kindhearted folks supporting one another. Bakers across the country participated in Bakers Against Racism, a series of bake sales that benefitted nonprofits within the Black community.

In addition, a benevolent baker in Minneapolis gave away “comfort pies” to anyone in need of a healing meal after the rioting and protests shook the city. Then, Uber Eats dropped delivery fees when customers ordered from a Black-owned business. It’s wonderful that even in a time when we need to socially distance, people are coming together to support worthy causes.

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