The Brand-New Reese’s Take 5 Is All Your Favorite Treats in One

Reese's and Take 5 are teaming up to bring us the best. snack. ever.

Over the years, Reese’s has brought us all sorts of treats, from coffee creamer to bump up your morning brew to giant peanut butter cups. While we’ve seen all sorts of variations from our favorite candy, this is a new realm of flavor.

The all-new Reese’s Take 5 bar will blow your mind and your taste buds!

It’s All Your Candy Favorites in One

So what makes this sweet treat so great? The Reese’s Take 5 bar has all the best flavors layered on top of each other, promising goodness in every bite. It’s definitely a hybrid of the classic peanut butter cup and a Take 5, containing a sticky caramel drizzle and crunchy pretzel bits that add just enough saltiness to all that sweetness. You’ll also get a mouthful of all the peanut butter and chocolate you love, landing this new candy at #1 on our must-try list.

According to this snapshot from @CandyFunhouse on Instagram, you can get these bars in bulk—up to 18 in a box. The downside is they will take a bite out of your diet, containing 210 calories per serving. Is that going to stop us from joyously eating the whole box? Absolutely not!

Are the original Reese’s we all know and love being discontinued?

When Can We Buy Them?

Thanks to the Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago, we got a taste—at least a visual one—of the new Reese’s Take 5 bar. Every year at the expo, our favorite candy companies release all kinds of new products, including the dark chocolate and mint Kit Kat dropping later this year. While there’s no word on the exact date Reese’s Take 5 bars will be hitting shelves, you can expect to see them before the end of 2019.

In the meantime, you can get your fill of chocolate and peanut butter with these homemade Reese’s cups.

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