The Best Food Trucks That Travel from Coast to Coast

While many food trucks stay local, these big-name restaurants on wheels are making stops all over the country.

Food trucks have really hit their heyday over the past decade. You’ve seen them in movies (seriously, watch the movie Chef), at local festivals and perhaps even rallying outside your workplace during lunch. However, if you’re traveling from state to state, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the same mobile restaurant twice. This is because strict laws and regulations keep food trucks from traveling across state lines. Also, it’s pretty tricky to get a street permit in one city, much less multiple.

That being said, a handful of food trucks tour from coast to coast. Keep on the lookout for these standouts near you. (Food truck fan? Here are the etiquette tips you need to know.)

Auntie Anne’s

Yep, that’s right! Everyone’s favorite pretzel shop is busting out of the food court and taking to the streets. Auntie Anne’s has deployed an entire food truck fleet across America to deliver their signature soft pretzels, dips and ice-cold lemonade. Find out if there’s a pretzel truck near you.

Cousins Maine Lobster

With a little help from Shark Tank, two cousins took Maine’s most iconic sandwich mainstream. Their food trucks (which are now in 28 major U.S. cities) deliver 100% wild-caught Maine lobster meat that’s heaped on a New England-style split-top bun. Haven’t tried a lobster roll yet? Make our copycat recipe at home.


This California-cool brand is on our list of the best ice creams you haven’t tried yet. With tons of wild flavors like matcha mochi and churro dough, you’ll definitely find one to love. Staffers in Coolhaus’ Airstream-style food trucks are currently scooping cones in Dallas, NYC and LA.

The Cow and the Curd

As Wisconsinites, we may be a little biased, but we support The Cow and the Curd’s mission to bring Midwestern fare up and down the East Coast. You’ll find this food truck slinging fried cheese curds at events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland (with plans to grow!). Check out their schedule or learn how to make your own Midwestern comfort foods with our tried-and-true recipes.


The fast-food giant is touring its food truck—Arby’s Roadside Meathouse—across the U.S., bringing its mouthwatering roast beef sandwiches and signature curly fries with it. (Psst! Here’s how to make your favorite restaurant-style fries at home.) While Arby’s HQ is located in Georgia, the truck will travel as far as Nevada to join in the Internet sensation Storm Area 51 with hopes to feed a few extraterrestrials on the way.

Kona Ice

Kona Ice is the king of the national food truck biz. With more than 1,000 food trucks in 48 states, you’ve likely already tried their shaved ice treats. The premise is simple: Top your shaved ice with sugary, fruity flavors like Blue Raspberry, Lucky Lime or Monster Mango. Some trucks let you choose as many flavors as you’d like! Re-create that atmosphere at home by learning how to host your own snow cone party.

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